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IMAGES are an important tool to generate attention for your research outcomes. biolution offers a state-of-the-art pipeline to generate scientifically accurate 3D models as a basis for instructive visualizations, which support engagement and create interest.

ANIMATIONS are information-rich visualizations capturing scientific hypotheses to communicate their implications. With extensive experience and tested workflows our team of media designers and scientists create dynamic visualizations of your study subjects.

Our Work Process

If you require attractive images or a video to support the communication of an outstanding research finding or seek to visualize the mode of action of a new drug candidate in a molecular animation, biolution will be ready to work with you.


idea to concept

One major challenge is to transform the scientific idea into a coherent concept which is suitable for a cost-effective technical 3D implementation. Our experienced life scientists will support you in this process and discuss with you various possibilities taking into consideration your concerns to develop a priority list of communication goals. After this briefing we will develop a conceptual draft, which you may shape to become a durable written concept underlying all further actions.


concept to storyboard

Starting from the concept we will visually define individual scenes and develop this into a storyboard to give you an overview of the entire project. This allows for real life footage of researchers discussing their research interspersed with animated explainers. Based on your branding references or other specific preferences, we propose a mood board to galvanize our inspiration and to inform you of the visual style. While our scientists work with you on the spoken text to create a framework for the timing of the scenes, our 3D artists will already sketch defined scenes to populate the storyboard with stills or even early animated characters to provide an insight into the final look & feel.


storyboard to animation

A 3D-animation requires many technically demanding and time intensive steps to come to a visualization of each scene. In parallel basic sound effects, dialogue recordings and soundtrack are arranged with you. If real life footage is required this will be planned and recorded. For the production of the animated scenes we will continuously update you as we pass the boards through our editing process and develop timing and pace of the video. You have the opportunity to see if what you have planned edits together well, meeting your requirements and expectations. After approving the animatics we will render and match everything to the agreed quality and style.

Our Services


Our ambition is to convey the fascination scientists harbor for their topic and translate complex concepts into powerful visualizations (stills, animated). We believe scientific accuracy and the natural beauty of biological processes can be combined to create a sense of discovery in the viewer: either by exploring an animated “Wimmelbild” or by realizing a mechanistic connection only obvious in a three-dimensional arrangement.
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From our roots in scientific research we understand that our clients have individual needs and require attention to specific details. Key visuals developed by biolution support your communication measures to provide an informative and fresh impression.  For websites serving the central communication tasks of our research themed clients we combine modern information architecture, inspiring visuals and clear texts to effectively highlight your success stories and future opportunities.
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biolution has extensive experience in consulting at the institute, university, and company level. We provide targeted, thoughtful and professional solutions for you, your research institute or company to acquire and implement externally funded projects, from writing a proposal (ERC, H2020, MSCA, ERA-NET, WWTF, FWF, FFG, DFG), to developing an interview presentation or providing training: we have you covered. And once your project has started our scientifically trained junior and senior consultants will assist and advise you on a one-to-one basis for management, internal communication, reporting, controlling and financial administration.
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Despite modern communication tools personal meetings are the most effective way to realize synergies through scientific co-operations. We will organize your science events based on your needs and project goals to effectively engage your target audience, whether it is a peer-to-peer workshop or a science communication event targeting a general audience.
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We show that your research is  worth millions

Biolution has assembled a visualization pipeline based on the multidisciplinary expertise of our team and more than a decade of experience in explaining research. Our inspiration was to generate affordable animations, which are rooted in scientific accuracy and extend into exciting dynamic visualizations. It is our ambition to support researchers in their communication tasks with a dynamic representation of their favorite molecule or mechanism of action.

We enjoy the close interaction with researchers to develop a dynamic 3D-model of the molecule of choice. After your briefing our work flow begins with coordinates imported from public data banks (PDB, EMDB, NeuroMorpho, MouseLight etc.). Based on your research outcomes, we aim to develop a visualization, which meets the standards of scientific accuracy suitable for a factual presentation in front of your peers and at the same time inspiring a sense of wonder about the beauty of natural processes.

Contact us, if you plan to work with a competent partner, who shares your commitment to research.

Our team thrives on spectacular scientific animations to inspire interest in your research topics. Our visuals betray the comprehensive research expertise and longstanding interest in science communication of our team. You benefit from professionally executed communication measures, which can be used for HDR screens or optimized for fast loading mobile applications. This provides you with a significant return on investment of time and resources.



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About us

Biolution has more than 15 years of experience as service provider in the life sciences. Based on more than ten participations in EU-funded research projects we have developed scientific communication services meeting the highest standards enabling scientific excellence. We support researchers from academia and biotech with a comprehensive service portfolio ranging from grant writing, over research and event management to scientific visualizations.


We understand that our clients have individual needs and require attention to very specific details. All our staff are firmly rooted within their scientific training and we are proud to be part of the Vienna Biocenter, Austria’s internationally visible biotech cluster. We follow current trends in the life sciences and maintain a keen interest in novel developments in research. We are therefore always happy to talk to you about your ideas because from our roots in research we share your deep interest in science.


Contrary to popular belief, most successful scientists are highly effective communicators within their field of research. However, the extrinsic value and societal impact of research results is realized only by communicating to stakeholders outside of the immediate research area. Our expertise is derived from listening to scientists for more than a decade before we decide together with our clients how to develop the interface between specialist and generalists. We translate your research into the language of the generalist.


We are an experienced team of life scientists from a wide variety of research backgrounds complemented by a competent media design team. We enjoy working within a network of collaborators with complementary expertise, where our well-trained staff focuses on the relevant tasks. With an effective delegation of tasks to the appropriate team members we raise synergies in project teams, where researchers can focus on what they do best: Their science!


We are an experienced team of life scientists from a wide variety of scientific backgrounds complemented by media designers. 

Dr. Iris Grünert


Stefan Grünert, PHD

Project Development & Communication

Paul Grünert

Project Manager

Xhon Nika

Media Designer & Project Management

Jessica Ferguson

Graphic Designer & Photography

Iemima Semerean

Office Assistant

Affordable Prices

Many factors go into calculating animation pricing. No project is alike and have to be quoted separately. In general, pricing varies depending on the visual style technique you pick (3D, 2D, Motion Graphics, Live Video, or a combination of these mediums, additional environments), the length of video, quality and the complexity of the subject being presented. The following illustrations provide general pricing guidelines.


Great for Web-Projects


Image from € 1.000

Animation from € 1.500


PDB Code
Color changes
Customisation tool box
No environment



Great for small business


Image from € 1.250

Animation from € 2.000


Modified PDB Code
Complex movement
Complex lighting and materialtool box
Customisation tool box
Off-the-shelf dynamic environment
Optimesed rendering



Great for TV-Production


Image from € 1.750

Animation from € 3.500


Modified PDB Code
Complex movement
Fully customised lighting and materialtool
Full customisation
Individual Interactive environment
Optimised rendering with correction cycles


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